Sibelius 7 Software Training
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Sibelius 7 Software Training

Train with an Instructor with 28+ years of experience in training more than 5000 musicians .

Self paced



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Summer 2016 term session starts June 20th and ends August 26th for 10 weeks.You are allowed to work at your own pace if you wish to finish the course early.

*Optional graduate college credit also available thru Seattle Pacific University below.

Optional (3) graduate college credits available for this course @$150

Key Takeaways


  • Learn how to set up a score and enter notes
  • Transpose, assign instrumentation, mix volumes, panning and other controllers
  • Learn advanced page layout techniques and “house styles”
  • Import MIDI, MusicXML, lyrics, and more
  • Learn to write music to videos




  • Access to Sibelius 7 software with Sibelius Sound Library, Scorch, and Photoscore Ultimate/ Lite installed (all are available on Sibelius 7 installer CD)
  • A midi/controller keyboard or Clavinova digital piano, which can be attached to the computer via USB for direct input


Course Details


  • Basic understanding of the program: A run through
  • Inputting by basic mouse techniques: Steptime recording with mouse and/or midi keyboard “Sonatina” and “Bach Chorale”.
  • Inputting lyrics and chords “Oh Susannah”
  • Inputting by midi keyboard using Flexitime “Minuet in G minor”. Transposing the score and extracting the parts.
  • Recording in a basic sequencing program, saving as a SMF, and then importing into Sibelius
  • Advanced page layout techniques and “house styles”
  • Advanced scoring techniques
  • Inputting and scoring of percussion parts
  • Writing and saving EPS files to be inserted into a word processing document
  • Creating worksheets
  • Individual time for student self-projects
  • Saving as Audio and burning to CD
  • Idea mode concepts



You must refer to online reference manual that comes with Sibelius 7 software

Only the students taking this course for college credit 'must' submit their weekly assignments. It is not mandatory for others to have to submit their assignments. However, it is recommended that you do that for a complete learning experience.




Students must register within 2 weeks for the college credit with SPU after signing up for the course thru wiziq.


Cost for Credit :- 



  • Graduate-level quarter credits are available for this course through Seattle Pacific University @$50 per credit.

To Register :Click here and search for MUS 5040


Payment Options


  • Graduate-level quarter credits are available for this course through Seattle Pacific University at $150.
  • The cost for the 3 units is $50 per credit hour payable to SPU.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for beginner and intermediate users or older Sibelius users wishing to learn the new Sibelius 7 version


Why take Sibelius Software Course ?


Sibelius is one of the world’s best-selling music notation software used by music composers, publishers and arrangers. For any musician to make a successful career in music, being on top of Sibelius software is essential.


Student testimonials

I simply loved this course: it was carefully planned, informative, clear and easy to follow. Although I have been using Sibelius for quite some time, there were lots of new things I learnt (e.g. to write music to a video). Mike has been very helpful and encouraging – always quick to respond. It really was a pleasure “meeting” him and being able to engage online. He certainly is a master in his field – a teacher at heart!
~Engela Fullard

I studied with Mike in the summer of 2014. He is a wonderful teacher; very knowledgeable and personable! He is an expert in Sibelius, ProTools, Band-in-a-Box, and much more! I learned a great deal from him as a musician, technician, and entrepreneur. I would definitely love to work more with him in the future."
~Linnea Wilke

Mike's midi workshop was excellent for music educators and covered a WEALTH of information that teachers and students can use. His directions were precise (even though technology, itself has it's glitches). Here is an example of the broad scope covered: The very first assignment was a line of My Country, Tis of Thee, and one of the last assignments was writing music to video. I felt good about how much I learned, even though technology is not my forte. I highly recommend his course.
~Marilyn Bailey

I took Mike Klinger's Sibelius 7 Training and learned a lot! I had used Sibelius 2 extensively in the past, and then recently bought the latest version of Sibelius 8. So much had changed in the six years since I last used the program that I knew I had to get up to date, and this course helped me do just that. The course is organized sequentially and scaffolded so each new skill introduced is built upon what was learned the previous week, and the assignments were interesting and relevant. I also appreciated Mike's willingness to answer all the many questions I had along the way. I would definitely recommend this course! 


Good morning, Mike.

It has been a pleasure taking your workshop online. You made the assignments practical and easy to accomplish with your instructions. I wish I had been working on a Mac instead of a PC because...well you know...Mac's are just better for music than the PC. With your help I was able to finally switch from using the older versions of Sibelius to the new 7.5 that I have on my workstations at work. You taught me some valuable shortcuts to use when writing that I didn't know and the lesson on how to create and save worksheets was outstanding. I will be sharing my experience with the other music teachers in the Korea District on the 31st, and I thank you very much for assisting me to find ways to make a better presentation.Are you planning on having another class on the 8.1 upgrade? I don't think that our school will be buying it yet, but I have some other friends who may.

I wish you the best in your future.

~Bill Waldron

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Mike Klinger

Carson , United States

Mike Klinger has over 28 years of experience in music technology. More than 5,000 music teachers from all over the world have benefited by studying with him. He was also hired by DoDEA (Department of Defense Educational Activity) to train all of its 268 music teachers in United States, Europe and Asia.He is the owner of The Synthesis Midi Workshop located in Carson, WA that specializes in educational sales in music technology items and is the home of The Mike Klinger Music Technology Retreat Center. He has a M.M in music composition. He lives in Washington, USA.


Schedule & Syllabus

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