iPads in the Music Classroom 101
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iPads in the Music Classroom 101

Pace yourself into an 8 week study to compose music using your iPAD

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  • Summer 2016 term session starts June 20th and ends August 26th for 10 weeks.You are allowed to work at your own pace if you wish to finish the course early.

    *Optional graduate college credit also available thru Seattle Pacific University below.

            Optional (1) graduate college credit available for this course @$50


This course has been designed to harness the power of an iPad to learn/teach music and is apt for music teachers and middle school / high school students. This course essentially takes you through a journey of musical exploration, and the best thing is you don’t even need to be a master of the iPad to take up this course. We have all the bases covered for you. The course begins with explaining the basic workings of the iPad, and then moves on to musical form. Subsequently, the course teaches how to successfully use and teach musical form, chord progression, music sequencing and song composition on an iPad.How exactly does this course work? What exactly does ‘learn to build music on an iPad mean’ and how does the whole process work? You don’t need to worry. The following series of steps outline each of the activities you would be accomplishing in the course in a sequential manner.  


The videos for this course were made with an earlier version of GarageBand. Although things have changed slightly, you should still be able to follow along with the newer version of GarageBand.


Go through these and you would understand the nuts and bolts of the program:


  • Understand the workings of an iPad.
  • Understand the basics of musical form and map out on a sheet of paper your own song based on these musical forms.
  • Develop an understanding of chord progressions and cadences.
  • Use the musical form sheet you have generated as a blueprint to compose your song
  • You take this song to an iPad and use Garage Band to generate a 5 part song.
  • The song consists of drums, bass, piano, guitar, strings, and an audio track in Garage Band.
  • Master the recording by completing the following: Mixing, Panning, Effects and Editing.
  • Get the songs checked by the instructor, and voila, you are ready to publish your song online, email it to a friend, or share on social networks, and be the musical star you want to be.

Who can benefit from this course? 

This course is intended for teachers and middle school / high school students. All you need is a computer with Internet access and an iPAD pre loaded with the Garage Band app.

Course Details:


  • This is a pre-recorded course (consisting of video tutorials) and it gives you the option of completing it according to your own convenience.
  • You download the tutorial assignment, follow the instructions, submit to the instructor as directed, and receive feedback from the instructor.
  • You can complete the course materials on a weekly basis (usually 2-3 hours per week), or you can proceed at your own pace and finish the course early.
  • For the complete list of sessions and a suggested study plan, you can refer to the comprehensive course outline provided at the bottom of the page.

Course Content:


  • 23 tutorial videos and a few downloadable PDF's.
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Step by step video tutorials will be provided
  • Weekly assignments you can submit to your teacher for feedback




Students must register within 2 weeks for the college credit with SPU after signing up for the course thru wiziq.


To Register  :Click here and on left side Select the "music" category" and Click on "+" sign for Ipads in music classroom.

Cost for Credit

  • (1) Graduate-level quarter credits are available for this course through Seattle Pacific University @$50 per credit.



Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Mike Klinger

Carson , United States

Mike Klinger has over 28 years of experience in music technology. More than 5,000 music teachers from all over the world have benefited by studying with him. He was also hired by DoDEA (Department of Defense Educational Activity) to train all of its 268 music teachers in United States, Europe and Asia. He is the owner of The Synthesis Midi Workshop located in Carson, WA which specializes in educational sales in music technology items and is the home of The Mike Klinger Music Technology Retreat Center.Qualifications:

M.M. in Music Composition, University of North Texas, Texas, United States

B.A. in Music, University of North Texas, Texas, United States

A.A. in Music, Mt. Hood Community College, Oregon, United States

He lives in Washington, USA.


Schedule & Syllabus

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